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Lupe Hogan, RN, MSN
Living Donor Liver Transplant Coordinator
Phone: 650-498-7878
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An increase in the number of people awaiting liver transplantation, many of whom cannot survive the waiting time for a deceased donor organ, has led more patients and their families to explore the option of living donor liver transplantation (LDLT). In addition to less waiting time to transplantation, LDLT also provides improved graft and patient survival rates.

At Stanford Hospital & Clinics, we treat donors with the same level of care and attention that recipients receive. We provide our potential living donors with comprehensive educational materials in order to be able to make an educated decision in regards to donation. We also have an Independent Donor Advocate (IDA) available to protect the rights of our donors.

The Evaluation Process

Potential living donors must be:

Once a potential donor has contacted us to express interest and completed the Living Donor Questionnaire, he or she will undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation to ensure safety and compatibility. Keep in mind that this process may take several months and that donors have the right to withdraw their decision at any time.

Stanford respects your privacy and the privacy of your potential donor. During the evaluation process, you and your donor will be assigned separate transplant coordinators and social workers, and your medical information will not be shared.

Surgery & Recovery

On the day of surgery, two teams perform the donor and recipient operations simultaneously. As the diseased liver is removed from the recipient by one team, approximately half of the donorís liver (either right lobe or left lobe) is removed by the other team and then it is transplanted into the recipient. The healthy liver will regenerate in both the donor and the recipient within six to eight weeks and to the determined size by one year.

The donor operation usually takes about five to seven hours. Donors typically stay in the hospital for about five to seven days and return to normal activities within six to eight weeks. We schedule a follow-up appointment one week after discharge with a focus on wound healing and pain management. Additional follow-up appointments are scheduled at two months, six months, one year, and two years after surgery.

If you would like more information about our LDLT program, please contact us at 650-498-7878. You can also learn more about liver transplantation by visiting our resources page.

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