Kidney Transplant Transplant Services

With You Every Step of the Way

Beyond your immediate circle of care, as a transplant patient, your extended transplant team includes:

Your clinical social worker provides you and your family supportive counseling. To prepare you for the transplant transition, they conduct a psychosocial evaluation at your initial meeting, educate you about the transplant process and make referrals to other support services. Above all, they’re there to support you for the life of the transplant.

Your patient care coordinator helps before and after surgery to provide continuity of care and assist in scheduling and coordinating with the nurse coordinators.

The transplant financial coordinator works with the clinical care team to ensure you have appropriate insurance coverage, to optimize your benefits and to have approvals and counseling. This lets you and your family focus on your health.

You also have access to various transplant support groups throughout the community and Internet, including a weekly diabetic support group, and a monthly women’s support group. Transplant candidates and patients also can participate in annual retreats and a patient-education symposium.

Support Groups

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