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Ryan: Carrying his mom’s love

Patricia and Ryan

On June 6, 2006, I was admitted to the ER with major swelling all over my body. After performing some tests, the doctor told me I had kidney failure. I wasn’t too worried at first, because I didn’t understand the extent of my diagnosis.

After getting eight consecutive days of dialysis in the hospital, I started to realize just how severe my condition was. I felt a bit overwhelmed as my parents and I began to learn about my options for a kidney transplant.

I chose Stanford Hospital & Clinics because I have a close friend who donated a kidney to his wife through their living donor program 12 years earlier. We decided to pursue a living donation since the waiting list for a kidney transplant from a deceased donor was potentially four or five years, and I would have to be on dialysis throughout that whole time.

Fortunately, both my parents were matches, which shortened the waiting period from years to months.

Learning What’s Next

The Stanford Kidney Transplant Team put me through a very detailed process of learning what the transplant procedure would entail. They educated me on how to take care of myself and my new kidney after surgery.

Being just 23 years old at the time of my transplant, I felt I had many “aunts and uncles” who thankfully sped up the pre-transplant process so I only needed dialysis for four months.

Stanford gave me a second lease on life. Having such an abrupt realization of being sick, my life was put on hold. I wasn’t sure after the surgery how much of a “normal” life I would have. But the tender, loving care of the Stanford team helped me get through the pre-op process and focus on continuing my life with confidence.

I have been able to stay healthy three years after receiving my mom’s kidney. And I know that is in some part due to the Stanford surgeons, nurses and staff who all worked so hard to give me life again.

- Ryan Barr

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