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A Mom's Gift to Her Son

Patricia and Ryan

We were in disbelief when, in early June 2006, our 22-year-old son Ryan experienced acute, end-stage renal failure and needed dialysis three times a week.

We were suddenly faced with the need to make many serious decisions, including where to pursue a kidney transplant.

We chose Stanford Hospital & Clinics due to its high success rate, and because our best friends had undergone a living donor, husband-to-wife kidney transplant there.

We attended an educational seminar at Stanford that answered all of our questions about what to expect pre- and post-transplant. After meeting the transplant team, we felt totally confident about our choice.

Everyone did an excellent job of explaining the screening process, what to expect when checking into the hospital, during surgery, post-transplant, and the importance of anti-rejection medications.

Expedited Evaluation

We were very anxious to have the transplant performed as soon as possible so Ryan could resume living a more “normal” life. The transplant team rose to the challenge.

As soon as Ryan was evaluated and accepted as a transplant candidate, the team started evaluating me as a potential donor. Upon receiving the results of each test, the transplant coordinator scheduled the next one soon after, and so on, until we reached a successful conclusion just 10 weeks later. This all required a tremendous amount of coordination and communication.

The surgery date was set for October, 4, 2006, and the transplant went just as expected. I went home two days later, and Ryan followed the next day.

Everyone on the Stanford Kidney Transplant Team was amazing – professional, responsive and caring. We recommend Stanford’s program wholeheartedly.

It has been over three years since the transplant and my kidneys are working well – one for me and one for Ryan. Praise God!

Many thanks to the awesome team at Stanford Hospital & Clinics’ adult kidney and pancreas transplant program.

- Patricia Barr (and her supportive husband, Rick)

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