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Kidney Transplant Clinic Boswell Clinic, A160
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Every kidney transplant patient who comes to Stanford Hospital & Clinics for care is different. But one thing they all have in common is the personal – and personalized – care they receive here.

The quality of our care is high because we tailor treatment to each individual patient. We provide intensive education for patients, their families and caregivers before the procedure, and schedule more visits after surgery to measure treatments and progress.

This exceptional level of personal care has once again made Stanford Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Program the only center in the nation to achieve statistically higher than expected results in both patient and kidney survival at the one- and three-year marks after transplantation.



Stanford is again the only center in the nation to achieve statistically higher than expected results in both patient and kidney survival at the one and three year marks after transplantation (Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Program Reports - July 2009 and January 2010).

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Stanford physicians are improving the lives of patients by developing revolutionary clinical techniques to eliminate the need for lifelong immunosuppressant therapy after transplantation.

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Patient Stories

With limitless determination, Stanford physician Randall Stafford beat two kidney transplants and used cycling as a way to keep healthy.

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Living Donor - At Stanford Hospital & Clinics, we treat donors with the same level of care and attention that recipients receive. More »

Desensitization - Stanford Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Program is one of just a handful of medical facilities nationally with a rigorous desensitization program that potentially could benefit highly sensitized patients. More »

Conventional Transplant - If you have no living donor available, the kidney used for your transplant surgery will come from a deceased donor. More »


March 9th, 2012: Kidney-transplant patients celebrate freedom from drugs  Learn More

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