Online Resources

American Diabetes Association

Provides education & chapter referral
(800) 232-3472

American Association of Diabetes Educators

Provides referral to diabetes educators in the community
(800) 832-6874

The American Dietetic Association Hotline

Provides referrals to a registered dietitian in the community
(800) 366-1655

National Heart, Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

Info about weight, cholesterol & high blood pressure
(301) 951-3260

National Kidney Foundation

Info & educational material
(800) 747-5521

American Liver Foundation

Info & educational material
(800) 223-0179

American Heart Association

Info & educational material
(800) 242-8721

Transplant Recipients International Organization

Info about chapters, services and donor awareness.
(800) Trio-386

Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association (DESA)

Enhance the quality of life for people with diabetes through exercise and physical fitness.
(800) 898-4322

Diabetes Monitor

Monitoring diabetes happenings everywhere in cyberspace, Provides information, education and support for people with diabetes

Diabetes Prevention

Provides people with the tools, techniques and support needed to stop the progression of type 2 Diabetes.
(866) 312-8144

Diabetic Cooking

Magazine of healthy info and recipes for people with diabetes
(800) 777-5582

Diabetes Forecast

Magazine with information on diabetes research and treatment and for practical tips on day-to-day coping with diabetes.
(800) 232-3472

Diabetes Health

Magazine providing readers with knowledge, inspiration and practical daily tips to promote better management of their diabetes.
(800) 488 8468

Transplant Olympics

The U.S. Transplant Games is an athletic competition among organ transplant recipients.
(800) 622-9010

Gift of a Lifetime

Personal stories, pictures and testimonials about people awaiting transplants, donor families, and transplant recipients.

Transplant Patient Partnering Program

Transplant education for pre- and post- transplant phases (specific heart/lung information available); publications & materials for family support; and a variety of psychological, social and emotional topics regarding transplant.

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