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Your Diabetes care is mainly up to you, but having a health care team to assist you during the transplant process is important. At Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the Transplant Diabetes Team is integrated with your Transplant Service. The focus of our group is to assist you and your home health team in finding a way to gain optimal blood glucose levels. Diabetes education provides people with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes with the knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior, and successfully self-manage diabetes and its related conditions. The goal of our team is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health status, and reduce the risk of the associated complications of poor blood glucose management.

Meet the members of the Transplant Diabetes Team and learn more about how we may assist you.

Transplant Diabetes Educator
Anna Simos MPH MS CDE
(Kidney, Kidney-Pancreas, Liver, Heart, Heart-Lung, Lung, Small Bowell, & Intestine)
(650) 498-4526

My focus is to educate and support people with diabetes, those at risk of diabetes, and their home health care team to understand and manage the condition. Each member of the Transplant Diabetes Team will work with you and your care givers to promote self-management and achieve individualized treatment plans that optimize healthy outcomes while still allowing you to integrate your personal choices and practices.

Transplant Dietitian
Patsy Obayashi RD MS CDE
(Kidney, Kidney-Pancreas, Small Bowell & Intestine)
(650) 723-5094

I help transplant patients and their families learn about a healthful, enjoyable diet to speed recovery after surgery and maintain health throughout life. I also provide education and care to pre- and post-organ transplant patients with Diabetes.

Transplant Pharmacists
Uerica Wang PharmD BCPS
(Kidney, Kidney-Pancreas, Liver, Small Bowell & Intestine Transplant)
Description: http://stanfordhospital.org/clinicsmedServices/COE/transplant/kidney/about/images/transplant-pharmacist.jpg

Roy Lee PharmD BCPS
(Heart, Heart-Lung, Lung Transplant)

As members of a multidisciplinary team, we makes rounds with the transplant team and offer services such as information about drug interactions, the potential side effects of transplant medications, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring. Pharmacists, alongside other transplant team members, helps to counsel kidney and pancreas transplant recipients on their individualized drug regimens.

Diabetes Education Team

We address diabetes through a multidisciplinary approach. Transplant physicians, diabetes educators, endocrinologists, nurse transplant coordinators, registered dietitians, and pharmacists work together to coordinate comprehensive quality care that is accessible to the patient. We believe that the person with diabetes and their family are the most important members of the diabetes team. Diabetes affects each person differently and we help create individualized treatment programs that accommodate a patient's needs and optimize their health.
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