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Stanford's Matthew Mell, MD, Discusses Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

In this Stanford Hospital & Clinics Your Health episode, Stanford vascular surgeon, Matthew Mell, MD, discusses the risks, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for abdominal aortic aneurysms (also called AAA or triple A). AAA is a bulging, weakened area in the wall of the aorta resulting in an abnormal widening or ballooning greater than 50 percent of the normal diameter.

Vascular Disease with Stanford Cardiologist Nicholas Leeper, MD

In this Stanford Hospital & Clinics Your Health episode, cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist, Nicholas Leeper, MD, discusses vascular disease, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

Health Notes: Stanford Offers Solution with Vascular Surgery

Stanley Ingerman has peripheral vascular disease. When his physicians could offer no more solutions, Stanley found experts at Stanford that knew just what to do. The surgery at Stanford was a success and now Ingerman walks 35 miles a week and takes better care of his health.

Christopher Zarins, MD: His legacy and the future of Stanford Vascular Surgery

On May 2012, the Stanford vascular family celebrated the career and accomplishments of its founding Division Chief, Christopher Zarins, MD. Dr. Zarins retired after a Stanford career spanning 19 years, including 12 as Division Chief (1993-2005).

His Stanford colleagues discuss the ways Dr. Zarins changed the ways we think about vascular medicine, and how he laid the groundwork for its future.

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