Keeping Track of Your Presurgery Eating

Understand where you get your calories and what your eating habits are is critically important for us to determine which operation is likely to work best for you.

So as part of your pre-op preparation, we require you to keep a food diary for two days.

Download Food Diary

This diary will help you record your food habits, including not only eating but also shopping and preparing food. We suggest that you record this information during a typical week, preferably when your activity and eating habits are as close to normal for you as possible.

Most important, please also be as honest as you can possibly be. It’s the only way we can get an accurate assessment of what and how you eat. Along with determining your surgical course of action, we’ll also use this information to recommend changes in your behavior, or education about your diet, that will make the operation more successful.

You will not be denied an operation based on your eating habits, so there’s no reason for you to be anything less than completely honest as you fill out your food diary. Please be as complete as possible.


  • Prior to your initial nutrition evaluation appointment, print and complete the Bariatric Patient Questionnaire.
  • Please bring this completed form with you on the day of your nutrition evaluation.
  • Date each day
  • Record the time, type of food and approximate quantity of each food, snack or drink you consume throughout the day
  • Be sure to include soft drinks, coffee, tea and water.
  • Record where you got the meal. For example: home, vending machine, McDonald’s, restaurant, etc.


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