Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics

Outpatient Clinic

Evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries, neuromuscular diseases, traumatic injuries, and complications from various diseases (i.e., spasticity, neurogenic pain) are treated by physiatrists in the clinic using conservative management techniques such as specific therapy prescriptions, medications, and injections.

Medical acupuncture is also offered as an alternative for pain management.

Interventional Spine Clinic

The PM&R Interventional Spine Clinic is a non-surgical outpatient program focusing on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neck and mid-back and low-back problems. A wide range of spine and musculoskeletal medicine treatments are considered, including medications, exercise and therapy. Diagnostic and therapeutic injections, when indicated, are considered only one part of a more-comprehensive treatment program. A full range of these treatments are offered by experienced physicians, including:

PM&R Sports Medicine Clinic

The Sports Medicine Program offers a complete range of outpatient services, focusing on non-surgical care of injuries related to exercise and sport such as:

Electromyography (EMGs)

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