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Head Trauma

Head Trauma

Head trauma can cause swelling inside the brain. This can lead to a potentially deadly increase in pressure inside the skull. Head injury also can seriously damage brain cells.

Each year in the United States, head injuries result in more than 1 million emergency room visits and more than 50,000 deaths, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). In addition, approximately 230,000 people are hospitalized for traumatic brain injury in the U.S. and survive. The most common causes of head injuries are auto and motorcycle accidents, falls, and violent assaults.

What are the symptoms of head trauma?

Head injuries can cause a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the type, severity, and location of the injury. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms may not show up right away. According to the NINDS, head injuries fall into three categories:

How can head trauma be prevented?

These recommendations from the NINDS can help prevent head injuries:

How is head trauma treated?

See your doctor or call 911 if you have a head injury. Your doctor may decide to monitor you in the emergency room. When you're released, the doctor will want someone to stay with you at home for a day or two to keep track of your condition.

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