Neuropsychology Clinic

Referral and Scheduling

For Outside Providers

Please contact the Neuropsychology Clinic for information at (650) 721-6024 or fax a referral to (650) 498-7868.

For Stanford Providers

Please place an order via EPIC for Neuropsychology (Ref 107). The referring clinic will need to obtain insurance authorization through COAR (SHC Centralized Outpatient Authorization & Referrals), or through their departmental referral coordinator, but we can provide necessary information and support.

For Patients

Please discuss your concerns with your health care practitioner. A referral directly from your health care practitioner can facilitate the referral process, including authorization for health care insurance coverage. If you have had prior neuropsychological, psychological, or educational testing, please arrange to have those records sent to us for review prior to your appointment.

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