Stanford Moyamoya Center

E2 ICU at Stanford


Our unit consists of 33 beds. All beds are staffed by RNs with 24 hours coverage. RNs typically care for 1-2 patients. The unit's physical environment is varied with semi-private and private rooms. Private rooms are typically assigned to patients who have infectious diseases requiring isolation.

RNs Shifts: 6:45 AM to 7:15 PM and 6:45 PM to 7:15 AM.


You will be NPO (nothing per mouth) after surgery. This is to help minimize nausea and vomiting and to reduce the risk of aspirating (choking) after your surgery and anesthesia.

Anesthesia side-effects can include nausea and possibly vomiting. The RN will have orders by the MD to give you medication via your IV to alleviate these side-effects.

Additionally, pain is common after surgery. The RN will administer IV pain medication as ordered per the MD to reduce your pain

RN's Priority: Maintain Blood Pressure

The MD team will write strict blood pressure parameters for the RN to maintain after surgery. This is done by using blood pressure medications that are continuously infusing via your IV. Symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting can aggravate or increase your blood pressure. Thus, the goal will be to treat them immediately with IV medications.

Additionally, physical movement or bathing will be avoided immediately post-op to avoid blood pressure changes that are common with physical activity. When safe, the RN will take action that is appropriate to alleviate any patient issues.

The visiting hours in the ICU are patient-centered. We will discuss this with you and your family members upon arrival. Your family may see you as soon as you are settled after your surgery and a report between the OR and ICU team has been completed. Visitors may not sleep overnight in the rooms. Children are to be over 16 when visiting.

Again, we want you to have a safe and fast recovery. We are here to help and support you through this process.

Thank you, E2 Management and Staff

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