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Vascular Dementia Long-Term Prognosis

Vascular dementia is a progressive disease that has no cure. A person with vascular dementia will eventually need a high level of care as a result of the loss of mental abilities, as well as a decline in physical abilities. Family members may be able to care for a vascular dementia patient early on. As the disease progresses, however, the person may need more specialized care.

Respite programs, adult daycare programs, and other resources can help the caregiver get some time away from the demands of caring for a loved one with vascular dementia.

Long-term care facilities that specialize in the care of patients with dementias, Alzheimer's disease, and other related conditions are often available once a person affected by vascular dementia can no longer be cared for at home. Your doctor or other health care provider can provide caregiver resources.

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