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Stanford Neuroscience Center

Offering the latest
brain tumor clinical
trials & new treatments

Pioneered at Stanford,
Cyberknife surgery offers
minimally invasive tumor
removal & a faster recovery

25 years at the forefront
of developing safer,
more effective
endovascular therapies

Advancing research on earlier
diagnoses when memories fade

Led by a top expert, our experienced
Moyamoya team has performed more
than 1,000 surgeries for this rare condition

Renowned physician-
researchers with in-depth
neuromuscular disorders expertise

Treating complex spine
issues with innovative
treatments, improving
outcomes & recovery

Leading the nation as
the first-ever certified
Stroke Center

Specialized movement
disorders expertise in one
hospital to meet all your needs

Stanford Neuroscience Center

The Stanford Neuroscience Center is ranked among the best in the nation for neurosurgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions. Our nationally and internationally recognized neurologists, neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists have in-depth subspecialty expertise in diagnosing and treating complex, rare and common neurological conditions, including:

Programs and services also offered at the Stanford Neuroscience Center, include:

Neuroscience Care Team

The Stanford Neuroscience Center offers specialized clinical programs to meet the needs of patients with common, rare or complex neurological conditions. Each program is supported by a team of specialized physicians, surgeons and nurses. Team members work together to provide comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment through general and subspecialty neurology and neurosurgery clinics.

Neuroscience Research

Physician-researchers and scientists at the Stanford Neuroscience Center are actively involved in ground-breaking, collaborative research to identify the genetic causes and biology of neurological conditions. They work collaboratively to improve and advance diagnosis and treatment options and technologies for patients through clinical trials and other research studies.

Spotlight Video

When Stroke Strikes, No Time to Waste: Rapid Recognition

Chris McLachlin’s survival story reads like the script for a Hollywood movie where, unbelievably but totally by chance, everything happens at just the right moment and in just the right place. Read his story.

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