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Just wanted to send you an email to tell you that I'm doing great!

I'm off the ****** completely (and have been for a couple months now) and I'd say I've only had ~2 migraines in the past month reaching a 7 max pain.  But the real victory is that I've been working HARD and have had so many pain free days!

I spent my week off work re-landscaping our front and back yard with my mom.  We planted countless plants, put in a new sprinkler system, took down trees…  I was outside from about 8-4 for 4 days straight and no pain – NONE!  I went walking, running even a bit, and I'm doing great.

Anyway, thank you both for everything you've done for me.  A year ago I had no life and now I'm loving it!


- L.K.

"On behalf of my husband…I would like to thank you for the care he (has) received… After more than a year of trying to find the cause of his headaches and different treatments he was getting quite discouraged. That changed after our first trip to…see you. When we left the first time, he felt like there was a chance that something might be accomplished for him. After meeting with Dr. Cowan and hearing someone give him a name for the problem (even though he couldn't pronounce it) gave him a sense of encouragement. The medication has helped him tremendously and with all of his other health problems, the headaches have taken a "back seat" and are manageable."

- Sarelee B.

"Dr. C. I can't thank you enough for your help (with my headaches). No one has ever helped me this much. I will always think a lot of you for that."

- Janice F.

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