Epilepsy Program

Outpatient Epilepsy Evaluation

At the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program Outpatient Clinic, our experienced team of epilepsy experts provides a detailed evaluation for patients with epilepsy or conditions that mimic epilepsy, using the latest diagnostic testing options.

Diagnostic tests used to find the cause of your seizures typically include:

The image on the left is created with a 1.5 Tesla MRI. On the right, the same patient's brain is visualized in greater detail with a high resolution 7-Tesla MRI.

Once the seizure type and seizure source in the brain are identified, your treatment team develops a customized treatment plan for you. If your seizures are ongoing in spite of treatment with medications, or if you have intolerable side effects from them, the team may consider inpatient monitoring to determine the best option to stop your seizures and alleviate side effects.

If the team finds that the cause of your seizures is due to a structural abnormality in the brain, epilepsy surgery may be considered to remove the seizure source and stop seizures.

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