Lymphatic & Venous Disorders

Active Clinical Research

Our center is actively recruiting patients for the following research protocols:

Lymphedema Prevention

Based upon exciting preliminary animal studies, we believe that we have an effective and safe drug treatment strategy to prevent the appearance of lymphedema in patients at risk. This is a placebo controlled trial, in which active treatment occurs for one year following enrollment in the study. Periodic follow up visits following the first year of participation will be available at Stanford.

Lymphedema Drug Treatment

We have evidence from past animal studies that we have a safe drug treatment strategy to help restore lymphedema tissues toward normal. This is a double-blinded placebo controlled protocol, in which lymphedema patients are randomized to receive either the placebo or drug treatment. Patients receiving placebo will have the opportunity to receive a prescription for the active study medication at the end of the four month trial (as deemed appropriate by Dr. Rockson).

If you are interested in potentially participating in these studies, or have any research related questions, please contact our clinical research coordinators at (650) 723-1396, or at

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