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The Stanford interventional cardiology staff consists of clinical nurse coordinators, administrators, and research nurse coordinators who are dedicated to patient care and welfare. From coordinating many apsects of patient care, managing clinical trial research, to helping patients and their loved ones throughout their stay at Stanford, our talented staff members are the driving force behind Stanford interventional cardiology.

Tanya Carrasco Nonie Socci, RN, BSN
Rowena Cheng, RN, BSN Yvonne D. Strawa, RN, MS
Maria E. Perlas, RN, BSN Lindsay Thomas, RN, MS, CNS
Danna Salvaleon-Cua

Clinical Coordinators

Interventional cardiology's clinical nurse coordinators play an integral role in the leading edge care you will receive in treatment of your cardiovascular condition. Beyond managing admission and discharge, and assisting families with transportation and lodging, here are other ways clinical coordinators are involved in your care:

Nonie Socci, RN, BSN

Nonie Socci, RN, BSN

Nonie earned her bachelor's degree in nursing at Chico State University in 1983. She has spent the past 19 years supporting the interventional cardiology service at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. In addition to cardiac interventions, her background includes interventions related to neurovascular and peripheral vascular disorders.

Lindsay Thomas, RN, MS, CNS

Lindsay earned her BA in biological sciences from University of California, Berkeley in 2003 and her RN from University of California, San Francisco in 2006. After completing her RN, Lindsay began working on the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Transitional Care Unit at UCSF while also earning a double master's degree in cardiovascular nursing and genomics in 2009. She holds her clinical nurse specialist certification in cardiovascular nursing and joined the Stanford interventional cardiology team in early 2011. In addition to her nursing background, Lindsay has experience in proteomics and mass spectrometry research.

Rowena Cheng, RN, BSN

Rowena graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1976. She has worked at Stanford in the adult cardiovascular ICU for 27 years before moving to interventional cardiology as nurse coordinator.

Danna Salvaleon-Cua

Danna Salvaleon-Cua

Danna is the practice coordinator for both interventional cardiology and the transcatheter heart valve program. She is a certified medical assistant specialized in both clinical and administrative areas. She is currently working on getting her nursing degree. Danna works hand-in-hand with interventional physicians and nurses to provide the best patient care possible.


Tanya Carrasco

Research Nurse Coordinators

Yvonne D. Strawa, RN, MS

Yvonne received her BS from University of Michigan, and her MS in speech pathology at the University of Wisconsin. She studied nursing as a second career at San Pablo Community College. Yvonne came to Stanford as a nurse for cardiology inpatients in 1990, where she stayed for 10 years. She then worked as a clinic nurse in the Stanford Infertility Clinic for six years and now coordinates clinical trials for Stanford interventional cardiology.

Maria E. Perlas, RN, BSN

Maria E. Perlas joined Stanford's interventional cardiology department in 2006 as a clinical research nurse coordinator, with extensive experience in all aspects of patient care. She has over 10 years experience in critical care nursing, including working as trauma ICU nurse and critical care transport nurse at the Stanford E2 Trauma Critical Care Unit. Additionally, Maria's background includes working in interventional radiology and as a nurse manager for the Pain Management Surgical Center. She loves dancing and wine tasting, and has been known to sing pretty well on several occasions.

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