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Program leadership

A broad team of medical professionals comes together to care for each patient receiving a heart transplant. At Stanford Hospital, the Heart Transplant program is led by five cardiovascular specialists with more than 100 combined years of experience and expertise in medical and surgical treatments for advanced heart failure. The leadership team guides a multidisciplinary group of pre-transplant cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiac pathologists, infectious disease specialists and transplant psychiatrists.

Philip Oyer

Philip Oyer, MD
Interim Chairman, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Sharon A. Hunt

Sharon A. Hunt, MD
Medical Director, Heart Transplant Program

Michael Pham

Michael Pham, MD, MPH
Associate Medical Director, Heart Transplant Program

Michael Fowler

Michael Fowler, MBBS, FRCP
Medical Director, Cardiomyopathy Center and Heart Failure Program

Heart failure and pre-transplant cardiologists

Heart failure cardiologists diagnose and treat heart failure. These physicians discuss which treatment options are appropriate based upon a thorough evaluation of a patient's medical history, severity of heart failure, and personal preferences.

Euan Ashley

Euan Ashley, MRCP, DPhil

Dipanjan Banerjee

Dipanjan Banerjee, MD, MS

Michael Fowler

Michael Fowler, MBBS, FRCP

John Schroeder

John Schroeder, MD

Randall Vagelos, MD

Randall Vagelos, MD

Ronald Witteles

Ronald Witteles, MD

Post-heart transplant cardiologists

Post-transplant cardiologists provide specialized care to heart transplant recipients, beginning immediately after surgery and continuing on after patients are discharged from the hospital. They have unique expertise in the adjustment of immunosuppressive medications to prevent rejection and in the diagnosis and treatment of post-transplant complications.

Francois Haddad

Francois Haddad, MD

Sharon A. Hunt

Sharon A. Hunt, MD

Kiran Khush

Kiran Khush, MD, MAS

Michael Pham

Michael Pham, MD, MPH

Cardiothoracic surgeons

Cardiothoracic surgeons perform heart transplant and ventricular assist device implant surgeries. Stanford surgeons were the first to perform a heart transplant in U.S., and the first in the world to implant a ventricular assist device.

Ramin Beygui

Ramin Beygui, MD

Richard Ha, MD

Philip Oyer

Philip Oyer, MD

Cardiac pathologists

Cardiac pathologists look for evidence of rejection in heart biopsies performed after heart transplantation.

Gerald J. Berry

Gerald J. Berry, MD

Christina Kong

Christina Kong, MD


Immunologists supervise a group of highly trained laboratory technologists who perform the complex tests that help determine recipient and donor organ compatibility.

Infectious diseases specialists

Infectious diseases doctors specialize in the prevention, detection, and treatment of opportunistic infections for organ transplant recipients.

Dora Ho

Dora Ho, MD, PhD

Jose Montoya

Jose G. Montoya, MD


Transplant psychiatrists work closely with all of the organ transplant programs at Stanford in managing depression and other psychiatric conditions that may develop or worsen as a result of the medications used to prevent rejection.

Edward Kilbane

Edward Kilbane, MD

Jose Maldonado

Jose Maldonado, MD

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