Heart Transplant
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Current Patients

Phone: 650-498-9909
Fax: 650-721-5079

This is contact information ONLY for existing Stanford patients, who have already undergone a transplant

Welcome to the new “for patients” website of the Stanford Heart Transplant Program. Initiated by the Transplant Patient Advisory Council (PAC), the website seeks to  provide non-clinical information to pre and post-transplant patients and their families to help them through their heart transplant experience.

If you are part of the Stanford heart transplant community, we need your help. You will recall, this new website was discussed at the heart transplant reunion in March. Well, here it is. Please work your way through it and let us know what you think. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please forward them to us at HeartTransplantPAC@stanfordmed.org

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