Heart Transplant
Pioneers in Heart Transplantation

Pioneers in Heart Transplantation

Stanford is recognized worldwide as a pioneering center for heart transplants. Dr. Norman Shumway and his colleagues developed the experimental basis for transplants in their early work, which then paved the way for the first adult heart transplant in the U.S. at Stanford in 1968. Since then, the Stanford team has developed many innovations and continues to advance new techniques in transplant surgery. To date, our medical teams have performed more than 1,200 heart transplants.

Innovations introduced in the transplant field from Stanford include:

Approximately 40 to 50 patients undergo heart transplantation each year at Stanford. The procedures are performed in patients from newborns to adults over 60 years of age. Almost every type of end-stage heart disease has been treated here, and the Stanford team remains a leader in introducing new concepts and treatments to improve outcomes for transplant patients.

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