Patient Testimonials

The following patients have generously offered to share their journey with amyloidosis in their own words. Read their story, and keep checking back for periodic updates on their lives, experiences, challenges, and thoughts on living with amyloid disease.

Amyloidosis – A Personal Story by Paul Langlois

Paul LangloisAs I write this in February 2012, I am 57 years old, and have been a survivor of primary AL cardiac amyloidosis for one year since diagnosis. The point of my testimonial is to offer hope, information, and encouragement to anyone who is faced with this disease, whether they are the patient, family member, or caregiver. I was lucky, in that I was likely diagnosed earlier than most, which can be a real lifesaver. Full story »

Amyloidosis – My Story Thus Far by Kevin R. Anderson, MD

Kevin AndersonPeople say I have led a charmed life. For the most part, that is true. Things have always worked out well for me. I do not consider my diagnosis of amyloidosis and the resultant need for a heart transplant to have changed that view in anyway. Given the possibilities, things continue to work out as well as they could.

Full story »

Hope for the Future - My Journey with Amyloidosis by Tony Iraci

Tony IraciMy journey began in June 2002 when my dentist of 30 years noted significant tissue changes in and around my mouth. Both the dentist and hygienist noticed an increased thickening of tissue and an enlarged tongue since my last check-up. In fact, they had difficulty checking and cleaning my teeth during the oral exam. I was advised to see my primary care physician whom I subsequently did within days of the discovery. Full story »

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